Tim's Blend       

  • Roast: French
  • Notes: Smooth mouthfeel, Rich dark chocolate, hint of cinnamon  


  • Roast: Vienna
  • Notes: Weighty body with a subtle spice cookie and dry fruit accents.

    Papua New Guinea

  • Roast: French
  • Notes: Chocolate, Melon, Toffee, and Grapefruit Notes.

**Whiskey Infused available upon request**

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Chagrin Blend 

Roast: Three Levels

This is a blend of three different levels of roast. You will not be disappointed with this crowd pleaser.

El Salvador 

  • Roast: Full City
  • Notes: Fruit and spice hints, tea-like, with refreshing acidity.

Single Origin Coffees

Prices between $12 - $14 

Columbia Decaf-Huila

  • Roast: French
  • Notes: Lemon, Coffee Cherry, Toffee, and Citric                  

Signature Blended Coffees

Sumatra Peaberry

  • Roast: Full City
  • Notes: Forest and Herbal notes. Malt Syrup with ginger root.

    Costa Rica

  • Roast: Italian
  • Notes: Molasses, sugar and fruit juice brightness. Black tea to finish.