Tame Rabbit is owned and operated by a family who has always had a passion for coffee. This shop is a way to share that passion with all of Chagrin Valley and its wonderful visitors. Over the last few years, the Leonards have honed their skills, attending The American Barista & Coffee School, in Portland, and going to as many specialty, third wave coffee houses they come across (a hard task I'm sure). They keep up with the most current  trends and sciences of the coffee world by subscribing to leading publications such as Fresh Cup Magazine and attending Coffee Fests nationwide. 

Being a part of the "third wave" movement means that coffee is treated as an artisanal foodstuff,like wine. Every step of the process from harvest to latte art is carefully considered to produce the highest quality coffee possibly. By appreciating to subtle nuances of the beans' varietal, growing region and flavor, Tame Rabbit tailors the roasting process to bring forth those distinctions in their amazing brews and espressos. Making each cup of coffee a new "vacation in a cup."

Whether you are in search of a drip, latte, or pour over, or maybe just looking for a knowledgeable friendly staff to discuss amazing coffees with, Tame Rabbit is the place for you.